TYP GoFundMe Campaign

Our Most Ambitious Goal

In addition to our general donation options, we have established an ambitious GoFundMe campaign to raise 1 million dollars to provide clean water to communities in Africa, starting with two communities in Nigeria, Ututu and Achi.

Our mission is three fold:

1. Providing the equipment and labor necessary to dig and maintain fresh water wells.

2. Present annual University scholarships for Architecture (Elder Robinson O. Sunday Memorial Scholarship); Medicine (Dr. Berthram O. Igbogbahaka Memorial Scholarship); Law (Charles & Ijeoma Okorie Scholarship); to indigent students in both communities.

3. Design and build a place of worship and community gathering in Ututu.

Your tax deductible donation will bring us one step closer towards bringing the mission of our vision to fruition.

Please make your contribution to our GoFundMe campaign, and help us make a difference in the lives of so many!