How can I get involved?

All it takes is a donation or an email.

What projects can I help with?

All projects big and small are considered.

How can I make a donation?

Donations can be made through PayPal on our Donation page. All donations, big and small, will be put to good use to change people’s lives.

What makes the Thank You Project different from others?

The Thank You Project was started by a native Nigerian who, in gratitude for his blessings, wants to give back to his native country by providing access to safe drinking water, opportunities for advanced education, and a place to worship in two specific Nigerian communities. The threefold goal to install sustainable water pumps, provide scholarships, and build a church is specific and attainable.

Is the Thank You Project fiscally responsible?

The Thank You Project is committed to responsible management of funds by ensuring that at least 90% of all donations go directly to the programs we support. No more than 10% of all donations will be used to cover nominal operating costs such as transportation, website design, and printing costs. We rely on our volunteers and to minimize any unnecessary outlay of funds.

How much of the total organizational budget goes towards salaries and consultant fees?

Our Board of Directors, staff, consultants, and volunteers work for free and donate their time.

Who funds the Thank You Project?

The Thank You Project is fully funded by individuals, foundations, and corporations.

What kind of impact does access to water make?

Hear the appreciation for Well #4 in her own words.

She responded by speaking of the problem with obtaining clean water and the daily struggle to walk many miles to get water. This issue is something that they had been experiencing for years. This water borehole is how “God sent help” as she put it in her own words.