Water Walk 2020

Thank You Project’s Sixth Annual Water Walk

A Virtual Event: Sign-up Now!

Do you give thanks for clean water?

Our mission is to bring a clean and reliable source of water to  communities in rural Nigeria. The Water Walk is a major annual fundraising effort to acquire the necessary funds to drill and construct fresh water wells within these communities.

Currently, the members of the community are forced to walk over 2 miles (if not more) every single day to get water. As you can see from the pictures, this water is not sanitary, and as a result, there are high risks of illness and death due to water-borne bacteria and viruses.

The Water Walk is our attempt to raise awareness about these squalid conditions and bring attention to the urgency of this situation. The truth is, countless lives could be saved, and the quality of life improved significantly, just by having easy access to clean water.

Help us achieve our goal!

Please join us online for the Virtual Water Walk 2020!

Remember, we not only are working on our third Water Well in Nigeria (at a cost of $30,000) but also are providing college scholarships ($2,000/student) to those who cannot afford to go to college in Nigeria.

Thank You Project ….. Blessing others with our blessings! Please help us by Sharing this event with all your friends. We are all in this Together!

Donations & Pledges

Complete your Water Walk, and then submit your pledges and donations online or via a check mailed to P.O. Box 23
Nashua, NH 03061.

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