Water Walk 2016

Thank You Project’s Second Annual Water Walk

Saturday, September 10th, 2016 @ 9:00am – Register Below!

Do you give thanks for clean water?

Our mission is to bring a clean and reliable source of water to two communities in rural Nigeria (Ututu and Achi). The Water Walk is a major annual fundraising effort to acquire the necessary funds to drill and construct fresh water wells within these communities.

Currently, the members of the community are forced to walk over 2 miles (if not more) every single day to get water. As you can see from the pictures, this water is not sanitary, and as a result, there are high risks of illness and death due to water-borne bacteria and viruses.

The Water Walk is our attempt to raise awareness about these squalid conditions and bring attention to the urgency of this situation. The truth is, countless lives could be saved, and the quality of life improved significantly, just by having easy access to clean water.

Help us achieve our goal! Join us on Saturday, September 10th to experience the trek that these communities go through daily for the water we so often take for granted.

For those who participate in the Water Walk on Sept. 10 at Greeley Park in Nashua AND raise or donate over $25 will be entitled to receive a commemorative t-shirt.

Online Event Registration

To register for the Water Walk, please fill in the form below. Donations are greatly appreciated, but not required for participation at the event. You can also download our pledge form and collect donations from friends and family.

Thank you for another great event!